Why is the death of the inventor of the diesel engine still a mystery, was it murder or suicide?

Rudolf Diesel, who revolutionized the world with his diesel engine, died in such a mysterious way that even today this mystery has not been solved. Even today people do not understand whether it was natural death, murder or suicide.

Today most machines and vehicles around the world run on diesel. Diesel engine maker Rudolf Diesel had in a way revolutionized the world of industry and transportation. But on this day i.e. 29 September 1913, he died mysteriously. It was also said that he committed suicide.

On his way from Belgium to Harwick (England), Rudolf Diesel suddenly disappeared from a ship named Dresden. Then on 10 October 1913, a dead body was found floating in the North Sea. Investigation was done and it was found that this body is of Rudolf Diesel, the great inventor of the diesel engine.

How he died, still remains a mystery to this day. It was officially said that Rudolf Diesel committed suicide, although many question this claim and suspect his murder. But diesel is still spoken millions of times as the name of its engine and fuel.

On 28 February 1892, Rudolf Diesel patented his ‘Compression Ignition Engine’. Initially, this engine used to run on groundnut oil or vegetable oil. Later Rudolf added a cylinder to it. He then used a different liquid fuel different from petrol and a cheaper variety. As soon as this oil was poured into the engine, the engine started powerfully.

Running with compressed air and fuel in the engine produced a lot of energy. This was a big challenge for the steam engine. While Rudolf insisted that 90 percent of the energy wasted in a steam engine, his engine greatly reduced this waste. The engine was named diesel engine from Rudolf’s invention. This fuel came to be called diesel.

By 1912, 70,000 diesel engines were in operation around the world. By the way, they started being used more as generators in factories. Diesel engines were used in transport after the Second World War. This was just a revolution. Trucks and trains got a new life through diesel engines. This made the engine more powerful. Freight and speed also increased. At the same time it also became cheaper.

In September 1913, Rudolf was going to England on an important tour. There he wanted to set up a new type of diesel engine plant. He was to meet the officers of the British Navy. In fact, the British Navy wanted a special type of diesel engine to build its submarine. It is said that the opponents threw the ship from the water. By the way, one side also says that Rudolf was under so much pressure that he committed suicide. Whatever it may be, this mystery is not solved even today as to what must have happened to him.

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